Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Congratulations to our Mixbook giveaway winner! Plus, an email updater for MyCreativeStirrings' posts

Congratulations to Connie!  She won our Mixbook giveaway!  She said that she is going to use it for her brand new grand baby.  Connie, I hope that you and your grand baby enjoy it together for a long time!

Also, thanks to a great tip from a new reader, Kelly from couponscraftsandcauses.com and indianainker.blogspot.com, I have added an email updater for MyCreativeStirrings' posts.  You can find it on the right hand column just under the "About Your Creative Stirrings Hostess" section.  When you enter your email address you will receive an update by email every time my better half (and I, occasionally) put up a new post.  You won't miss a give away, a new recipe, a new guest blogger, or a new fun activity or craft.  So, sign on up!

The Other Half

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