Friday, May 13, 2011

One of My Ultimate Creations!

I have been busy these last few weeks with our newest addition…

Welcome Sweet Genavieve or "Baby Ava"

Last night my Other Half and I laughed as we noticed that she finds great comfort in tightly gripping our fingers.  Is she frightened?  Should she be?  I think a child’s world becomes predominantly that which you paint for them.

Genavieve is one of my greatest creations and yet my work has just begun.  Every day I will choose what this innocent child sees, hears, and feels.  Will she see beauty everywhere?  Will she have love for all people?  Will she find gratitude in her heart for everything…even trials?  Will she find it easier to smile than frown?  Will she find joy each and every day?

What am I willing to sacrifice to help her reach her potential?  May our loving Heavenly Father give me insight and strength to paint an exquisite world filled with charity, forgiveness, hope, faith, joy, and love.  May I also be humble enough to learn the many things that she has to teach me and find joy in her every step.

Baby Gift
As I thought about a gift to give my new child I had to laugh.  Years ago I decided to crochet beautiful afghans for each child born in our home.  Well, I am currently two behind with little desire to continue that lovely dream.  I also made first year photo albums for my two oldest children and thus am two behind on that project too.  There is one gift I have not fallen behind on…journals.

I have kept a journal for each child and even started one for Ava before she was born!  They lay in a stack next to my bed.  Although I am far from perfect in recording their happenings I have managed to record about five pages each year.  Five pages may not seem grand.  However, those are five more pages a year than the majority of us have recorded on our childhood.  If I can keep this up I am pretty sure that it will be an incredible gift to give my children someday as they enter into parenthood.  Haven’t you ever wondered what your spouse was like at age two?  Wouldn’t it help you while you struggle to raise your children?  If anything, I think it would make you smile and maybe shed a sweet tear or two as you dive into the heart of a mother.  I try and record all things…good days, bad days, struggles, accomplishments, funny moments, growth, and occasionally advice for the future.  If my children never appreciate the work I can say that I found joy in keeping record of something I truly love with all my heart and soul, my family.

What I include in my children's journals:
Growth Chart (Date, Age, Height with percentile, Weight with percentile, Head circumference with percentile)

Drawings from each of their siblings.  I trace each child's hand on their page and have recently included a questionnaire regarding their new sibling.

Origins of their first and middle name (how and why we picked them and what their name actually means)

Generally I hand write each entry.  However, occasionally I type, cut, and paste.  Make sure you write in pen, date your entries, and don't feel that you have to fill a whole page.  One line is better than none. 


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

good for you! I think that is definitely a GREAT gift to give your children. I am really bad at keeping track of growth charts stuff.

Jana and Brett said...

Good idea! :0) My mom kept a journal while I was little. I love reading it. And Baby Ava is beautiful. Love you guys!

Evans Family said...

Oh my gosh!! She is gorgeous. Love the name. Congrats. You amaze me!

Rachelle said...

Beautiful baby! And I love the journals. What an incredible gift to give your kids.

Kathryn said...

Congratulations on your cute baby!! She is so adorable, and I love her name!! I am definitely going to start journals when we have kids, I love the idea of them having that keepsake. I'm glad you guys are doing great!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! She's a doll!! So gorgeous:)

Emmy Bludorn said...

Congratulations! She looks like the others!