Monday, April 11, 2011

Mother's Day or Spring Cleaning Treat Container

Recently I had someone ask me what I do with all of my creations. depends.  Most of them are gifts, some I keep, and a few get thrown out.  When I create table decorations for parties I will often give them away with goodies inside and sometimes I demolish them and re-use parts.  For my Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party I created a lot of vases.  After the party I filled the vases with goodies and gave them to friends.

Here is my Alice vase.  I decided this would make a great Mother's Day or Spring Cleaning Treat container and so I took off the white bow and replaced it with scraps of multi colored fabric.

To make this vase I covered a spaghetti can with blue paper.  Then, I cut a semi circle into a small doily and pasted it to the can. 

I finished it by tying scraps of fabric around the would be waist line.  You could also use ribbon.  This can would be fun stuffed with all kinds of girly goods like kitchen utensils, fun cleaning supplies, beauty products, or a just a yummy treat.

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