Friday, April 1, 2011

Introducing another blog by MyCreativeStirrings!

Hello all you wonderful MyCreativeStirrings followers!  I wanted to post and tell you about another blog I am starting that you may be interested in following.  My Other Half actually suggested the idea and got me started by making tons of videos and taking tons of photos.  What a sweet-heart!  The blog's name has not yet been decided yet, but I thought I could get a shot out for it before I pick the web address.  So here is the idea, are you ready???  I am going to do a creative crafts and recipes instructional blog using videos for ideas that I have come up with but with a twist.  Here is the twist.  I will be doing all the videos and pictures as characters from Star Wars or Star Trek! 

At first I was opposed, but since my husband is okay with it, I am sure to get lots more hits and followers, and it will add a little humor to something that can be quite dry, I thought...what the heck!  He has taken tons of videos and picture of me cooking as Queen Amidala.  So, if you are interested, check back soon and I will post the website when I get the perfect one.  I am sure to post the link today since it is...April Fools!  Ha Ha!  Did it work?  No, I will not be starting such a blog as described above, but couldn't resist the urge for a prank! 

If you have a great prank idea for April Fools please comment below!  This should be fun!

PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!  Have you figured out our writing styles yet?  My Other Half occasionally writes blurbs pretending he is me.  He only does this to help me out...which I appreciate.  Although, it always makes me a bit nervous considering that he is not a woman and plays up the girlishness a bit more than I would at times :).  With that said, I did not write this lovely  post.  In fact he called me this morning as I was up to my ears with six needy children and working over the phone to inform me that he posted something alarming under my name.  He told me to read my emails first so I would better understand the situation.  When I found a spare moment later in the day I read the emails with my jaw against the floor.  Then, I checked the post and realized that it was a trick on me.  There were no alarming ideas posted...just odd.  He is one funny boy.  I should come up with something clever for him, although I am not sure if my creative juices are flowing today.  I hope yours are.  Have a fabulous April Fool's Day one and all!


Rachelle said...

By about halfway through I was getting a bit embarrassed for you. . . Silly me, forgetting it was April Fool's!

For my prank, maybe I'll say we don't have anything planned for dinner.

Oh wait.


Jana and Brett said...

Wow! You got me! hahahaha You two are funny.

Sarah said...

This is hilarious! You totally got me! :)