Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I usually don't recommend companies through my wife's blog, but I have been really enjoying the coupons that I get through Groupon.  If I am going to spend money on a date, or a meal, I really like to spend it locally, and I like to get a great deal.  I have been using Groupon to do all of that.  They have a lot of different coupons available every day in my area (the coupons are different in every city).  We have done some really fun things and eaten as some really yummy local restaurants by using Groupon.  If you are looking for a cheap date idea that includes a local business I would recommend it!  You can click on the link to sign up!

Click here to sign up and check it out!

Sorry again for this type of post, but I think it was justified!

From The Other Half


TheGreeningGirl said...

We recently had our credit card number stolen and used right after we bought a coupon off of Groupon. There's no way for us to prove that it was stolen there for sure but it's awfully strange that we hadn't used it for a long long time and then the one time we do we get all these strange purchases right after.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?

Creative Stirrings said...

We have never had that problem and we have used it multiple times. I know that this is a big company and security should be a top priority. I know that computer spyware can also cause such problems. It is always a good idea to make sure that the connection you are using in secure and that you are running up to date virus protection (from a real source, not the stuff that pops up on your computer and says to download it). I have also heard that it is better to use hard-wired vs wireless connections when entering sensitive data.
-The Other Half

Anonymous said...

TheGreeningGirl: yes! I also just had this experience, and posted about it on Yelp! I've gotten a few replies from people having similar issues, and have found similar complaints on Google, which I linked to in the Yelp! post.

See here: http://www.yelp.com/topic/austin-groupon-unauthorized-charges-correlation