Thursday, March 10, 2011

Girl's Night Out with a St. Patrick's Day Theme

St. Patrick’s Day
Girl Party

I chose rainbows as my St. Patrick's Day theme.  Here is my fun refreshment table where I incorporated a rainbow of colors into my food and decor.  This was fun to create and only cost me $3.50 extra.  The table cloth is a series of scrapbook paper taped to the table.  If you want to re-use your paper you may want to cover it with a clear table cloth or plastic wrap.  I chose my food based on what was in my cupboards.  I already had the dishes and used leftover paper products.  Up close photographs of each  square can be found at the end of this post.

I invited 6 ladies over to make fabric headbands.  We exchanged fabrics to add variety to our growing headband collection's.  I found a great head band tutorial on Foofanagle.   

A sampling of my rainbow :).  It was fun to see the variety of fabric patterns and colors everyone brought.
I asked each lady to bring 1/8th of a yard of fabric times 5 (not including themselves) of two different prints (these headbands are reversible and fat quarters work).  They were also asked to bring the same amount of double sided Wonder Under. 

We set up two sewing machines, exchanged fabric, and got to work.  It took us five hours to complete.  We socialized and ate a little :).

Modifications to the pattern that helped me:
1. I changed the pattern.  I took the wide pattern and tapered the widest part straight down to the narrowest part (I also widened the narrowest part by 1 centimeter).  I loved her wide headband but had a hard time flipping it inside out.  I also created a medium sized headband.
2. When sewing the two headband pieces together my friends sewing machine as well as my machine functioned better when the Wonder Under was on the very bottom, not the top.
3. I sewed my quarter inch seam allowances to the end of each piece.  I felt that working with the ends un-finished was incredibly difficult.  
4. I did not top stitch at all and the headbands still work perfectly and look beautiful.  This will save you a step.
5. If you are doing this with a larger group (more than 2) ask everyone to come with their own pins and scissors.  It also may be helpful to have your fabric exchange before the event as this will tack on a lot of time.  

Treat Table:

Blue sugar cookies


Black olives

Spoons and napkins

Peppercorn cilantro dip for the chips

Tortilla chips and small bowls of sour cream

An assortment of chocolates and brown plates

Raspberry lemonade with frozen strawberries and pink cups

Giant huckleberry jelly beans


Jana and Brett said...

Wish I was there! Looks delicious, and You've Inspired Me yet again. :0) I'll have to let you know how my headband turns out!!

Emily Petty said...

I love your rainbow table setting and snacks - I'll have to try that one!