Monday, March 28, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Party Favors

These party favors I designed for my Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party were cheap and unique.  I covered cracker boxes with white paper and then embellished the outside using playing cards and construction paper.  The handle is made out of black tulle.  Before I secured the handle I strung on three paper hearts.

Each favor included:
Flower seed packet ($.25 at the Dollar Store)

One flower note pad with attached googly eyes ($1 at the Dollar Store)

A deck of cards ($.50 at the Dollar Store)

A red rose hair clip.  This pattern can be found on Design Sponge's website. (I used scrap fabric and buttons)

Tea party sugar cookies.  Here are some up close cookie photo's:

I had to throw a Caterpillar into the mix.


Nikki said...

Love it all! Those cookies are adorable, did you make them? I love the gift box too. I'm a huge AIW fan.

Creative Stirrings said...

Thanks Nikki! Yes, I did make the cookies! Thanks for the kind comment!

First holy communion favors said...

This is such a cute party favors the cookies were beautiful!

vintagechic said...

wow thats realy cool and will be great inspiration for my party, check out my blogs! =)