Thursday, March 24, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

I threw an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party for my two year old.  Check out the previous post for a fun Alice in Wonderland Costume idea.  When she saw the decor she said, "Whoa...cute mom!"  I didn't know she knew the word cute.  It definitely made my day.  I decided to take a little different approach with this theme and incorporated blacks and grays into my color palate. 

I decorated the table with a bright green table cloth, strips of black patterned fabric, a flower table runner (my creation), funky vases that represented characters from the movie, regular silverware, and an assortment of tea cups.

These tissue paper flowers were kindly donated by a dear friend who had just thrown her daughter a princess birthday party!

This place setting was by far the most simple of my past birthday party settings.  I used silver paper plates, tea cups, and real silverware.

Table Decorations
I designed this Flower Table Runner just for this party.  For the actual party I placed googly eyes on each flower.  I did not want to adhere the eyes so I could re-use this table runner for future events.

Each table end contained three Alice in Wonderland vases.  There were also two vases on the table runner.  I designed each vase to represent a character in the animated movie.  I think I succeeded in that my young children associated each vase with its appropriate character :). 

Up-Close Vase Photo's:

Queen of Hearts


I made two of these to represent Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Cheshire Cat

Mad Hatter

White Rabbit

Party Favor and Dessert Table

Party Favor
My party favors were cheap and unique.  They cost me an extra $1.75 per person (I already had some of the supplies).  Check out the next post for the contents of this cheap Alice in Wonderland Party Favor.

I based my dessert off of the Caterpillar and his mushroom.  If you look at the photo below you may find that it resembles a pie on top of a purple cake platter.  That is what I saw :).

To create the purple mushroom base I simply wrapped a cake plate with a piece of purple fabric.  The base was secured with a rubber band and the top was stuffed with plastic bags and also secured with a rubber band.  I happened to have a purple pie plate which matched perfectly!

I created the Caterpillar using green colored sugar cookies, marshmallows appendages, white icing for the face, two eye sprinkles, and butterscotch chips for the hands and feet.

Here is an up close look at his face and appendages.

I decorated and served sugar cookies for the non-pie eaters.


Tanya Searle said...

I Love it! So Cute!

Kathryn said...

I think this is one of my favorite things that you have made!!! Well done!!

Maegan said...

I would like to echo your daughter- cute!! I love the flowers and vases for the table. Very creative. And awesome on the caterpillar dessert. It looks delicious. What kind of pie did you make?
I am realizing that it has been too long since we've hung out. Can we come play at your park next week sometime if there is good weather? Tues morning? Later on in the week?

agomezgarcia said...

I absolutely adore your flower centerpieces! I would like to recreate them for my daughter's upcoming Alice-themed party, (the best form of flattery! :)) If you would be so kind, what type of container did you use for the Queen and the Mad Hatter? It seems like the others are just largish sized cans right? They are extremely creative and I congratulate you! Thanks in advance :)

Creative Stirrings said...

Thank you for the complements. I used Pringle's cans (the potato chips that come in tubes). I hope this helps and thanks again!