Monday, March 21, 2011

Alice Costume from Alice in Wonderland

Happy Birthday Baby "Alice"!

We just celebrated my daughter's second birthday (her name is not actually Alice).  I chose Alice in Wonderland for her birthday party theme.  I don't normally make costumes for my kids parties.  However, as the thought of a baby Alice crossed my mind I couldn't help myself.  She already had a blue dress, black headband, white tights, and black shoes.  I just had to create a white apron.  Luckily the apron turned out on the first try! 

I contemplated creating a tutorial for this apron pattern but decided viewers would most likely just look and not want to re-create.  If you are interested in a tutorial please make a comment and I will create one...with patterned fabric.

Brief Notes:
Please keep in mind that I am not a seamstress!!!  I was not sure if this was going to turn out but decided to give it a whirl. 

I began by looking at a picture of Alice's dress/apron.  Then, I pulled out my daughters blue dress and drew a rough sketch on computer paper (butcher or tissue paper would work for larger aprons) using her dress as a reference.  Then, I drew on an extra 1/4 inch to compensate for seam allowances and cut the pattern out.  Next, I cut out two pieces of fabric a little bit bigger than my pattern and ironed single sided fusible interfacing onto the back side of one piece.  Then, I laid both pieces of fabric together with the front sides facing each other, pinned my pattern on top, then cut the apron out.  After it was cut to size I removed the paper from the interfacing re-aligned the fabric pieces and pinned around the apron.  I sewed an extension of fabric onto one of the neck pieces because I chose to attach the neck with Velcro upon completion.  Then, I sewed 1/4 inch around the entire apron leaving one of the neck pieces open.  Next, I turned the apron right side out (through the open neck piece) and carefully ironed it flat avoiding the extended neck piece.  Then, I tucked the edges of the open neck piece in, sewed it shut, and attached Velcro to both sides of the neck piece.  Voila!  To finish it off I found a white satin ribbon to tie around her waist.

Check out pictures from my


Jana and Brett said...

Jovie will die when she sees this!!! She LOVES Alice! Good idea for Halloween costume! :0)

Jenny's Heart said...

Oh how cute! I think you did a smashing job!