Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Activity

Pink Elephant
Service Exchange

Here is a fun family or girl activity that is appropriate for Valentine’s!  Allow each participant to write down a service they are willing to give before the month is over that anyone would benefit from.  To add to the fun, wrap the service gifts up in valentine décor.  *If this activity involves girls encourage them to bring their service pre-wrapped with festive flair.  As for the exchange, carry it out as you would a typical “White Elephant Gift Exchange” (I changed the name from white to pink to match the holiday).  Place all the gifts in the center of a circle.  Have everyone draw a number.  In order allow the first person to select a gift and open it.  Then, the second person can choose whether they want the open gift or to open a new gift…  This continues until all gifts are opened.  Additional rules could be set in advance to keep the game fun.
Helpful hint- depending on your crowd you may need to establish a few rules from the beginning. i.e.- Can the service cost money and if so how much, all service must be performed by a certain date…  
End this activity with fun treats!  You could make my Peanut-Shaped Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies (Elephant appropriate).  Or keep the party hopping and create a treat together like heart shaped sugar cookie fruit pizza's or chocolate bowls filled with berries and ice cream. 

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