Sunday, February 20, 2011

Indoor Activity for all ages

 For the whole family!  Even the boys will laugh...regardless of their age :).
Activities Included:
Snacky foods
Relaxing music
Low lighting and candles
Meditating (lasts 60 seconds with little ones)
Manicures (the boys just chatted)

Facials- what is a facial without cucumber eyes?  We started by gently cleansing our faces with a baking soda and water mixture.  Then, applied  moisturizer (pureed cucumber and plain yogurt).  We ended with a super chunky avocado mask (use super ripe avocados for a smoother texture) and cucumber eyes.  Each kid applied their own food products and had their own warm wash cloths to clean up.  Everyone giggled.  The baby starred in shock the entire time trying to tell us that we were dirty.  We were, but how many times does your mother put food on her face and allow you to do the same. 

Even babies enjoy massages although they giggle the entire time.  I placed pillows and blankets all over my living room to make things a bit more comfy.

Manicures can be entertaining when you allow younger children or boys to paint your hands :). 

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