Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ice Skating Party- at Home

I came up with a party each day while babysitting a few week's ago.  I have to say it can be exhausting and fun all at the same time!  This day was especially fun and was centered around an Ice Skating theme.  The three children I babysit are on their way to becoming professional figure skaters :).  Due to my crazy schedule I tried to search the Internet for ideas for this theme and was disappointed to find that all ideas involved a skating rink.  Luckily my brain kicked in and I came up with a few fun things very much last minute!
Here is our simply glamorous table spread.  The day before the party I had all six kids cut out snowflakes, not knowing how I was going to incorporate them into the fun.  I decided to use part of them as my table decorations.  I placed them on top of my table and put a clear table cloth over the top.  You could use a clear shower curtain if you do not have a clear table cloth or simply lay/tape them on top of your table. 

The place settings consisted of plaid cloth napkins, white dishes, and a long cinnamon stick to stir each mug of hot cocoa.

The extra snowflakes were taped all over the window's.  The kids had fun finding their own creations.

For dessert I decided to make a cake.  This was my silly creation.  I am not a cake decorator but had fun with this one.  I think it would have been even cuter without the skate.  *A double layered cake with a variety of snowflakes and candies covering it could be beautiful!  I did not have a cake platter that matched my theme.  So, I turned a large cookie sheet upside down, covered it with blue construction paper, saran wrap, and then taped wax paper snowflakes on top.

To make the skate I started by drawing it on a piece of paper first.  Then, as a reference I held the paper close to the cake with one hand while I piped a blue icing outline with the other hand.  Using a knife I filled the rest of the skate in and embellished it with chocolate icing and a Twix bar for the blade.

Each snowflake on the cake was created with a variety of piped chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles, and mini chocolate candies. 
I attempted to create swirls all over the cake with blue sprinkles.

We ate my Creamy Fiesta Soup minus the cheesy tortilla bowls as the main dish.  We also had fruit and warm tortillas.

I found this idea in The Friend Magazine years ago.  I added my own special tweak that made it more convenient and simple.  In the Friend they instruct you to warm a tortilla in the microwave.  Then, while the tortilla is still warm fold it as you would a snowflake and cut away using scissors.  I followed these instructions as well as tried cutting up fresh tortillas before I baked them.  Both were a bit tedious for various reasons so because of this I decided to only make a few and serve the rest as normal tortillas.  While eating lunch I came up with a brilliant idea:  Why don't you allow the kids to make their own snowflakes with their teeth!!!  We took the remaining whole tortilla's, folded them up, and used our teeth to create lovely snowflake patterns.  They looked fun, we didn't have oodles of small uncooked tortilla pieces everywhere, and did not burn our hands.  Yeah! 

What is a party without games!  Once again I tried to search for games on-line yielding minimal results.  Luckily my brain was in the mood to create.

I gathered hats, gloves, and mittens and filled each one with toy animals.  This could be more appropriate if you filled the hats, gloves, and mittens with winter appropriate items (i.e. plastic mug, chapstick, plastic winter animals, shoe laces...).  To play the game I passed one hat, glove, or mitten around at a time and asked each child to guess what was inside without divulging the answer.  After everyone had a chance to feel we went around the circle and shared what everyone thought it was.  This was a great non-competitive game that they all loved!  The players were ages 2-12.

"Don't Slip"- this game was simple and energetic.  I blew up one balloon for each player and wrote their name on their balloon using a permanent marker.  Then, I had all six players get into a sectioned off area and told them that they had to keep their balloon in the air as long as they could.  If it touched the ground it meant they fell on the ice...thus they lost the game.  However, I let those who lost keep playing to keep it fun for the remaining players.  Because the area was small and there were six players it was tricky at times.  However, to spice things up occasionally I would tell everyone to use only their right hand, left hand, head, or nose.  This sped things up and kept it humorous.  Everyone loved this game!

To end our festivities we decorated book marks.  I found a quote on-line, "If you tell yourself you are a winner eventually you will become one.  Until then...practice."  I used clip art to decorate the bookmark and all children colored away.

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Kathryn said...

What a cute idea!!! I love the snowflake tortillas most of all! We miss you guys, I hope you are doing great!