Monday, February 28, 2011

Flower Table Runner

Flower Table Runner

Check out my latest creation!  I designed this lovely black and grey, with splashes of fun color, table runner for an upcoming birthday party.  The best part about this table runner is that the flowers on top double as hair clips! 
Brief Instructions: (If you would like more help please email me,
1. Table runner- Cut two pieces of grey fabric (right sides together) as long and wide as your heart desires but identical in size. 
2. Then, place them on top of a piece of batting cut to the exact size of your grey fabric.  Sew 1/4" around the perimeter of your table runner leaving a four inch opening (don't forget to back stitch) towards the middle of one of your sides. 
3. Turn the table runner right side out and iron.  Iron the opening shut and then hand stitch closed.
4. Using a ruler draw lines (using a disappearing fabric marker) 2 inches apart at a 45 degree angle across the entire table runner as shown below.  Then, draw additional lines 2 inches apart perpendicular to your first set.
5. Pin every row to reduce puckering (2-4 pins per row).  Sew along your lines making sure to back stitch when you begin and end each line.
6. To embellish your table runner create fabric flowers and sew or glue on multi-colored buttons.

Who designed the flowers?

I found great tutorials on line which I adjusted to meet my needs.  I created larger and smaller patterns from their original flower patterns which yielded a wider variety of finished flower sizes,

Helpful Hints:
1. Cut all flower pieces out at once.  If you cut each layer individually it will take longer.
2. As you make these patterns they will ask you to sew each piece down individually.  I pinned the entire layer down before I started sewing.  This made the project go much faster.
3. Don't permanently connect your finished flowers to your table runner unless you are sure you will never have to wash your table runner.  You can either set them on your table runner or attach a piece of ribbon and connect the flowers to that.
4. Glue your buttons and  felt pieces (backing) to each flower...unless you just really love to sew!

A combination of both patterns :).  Happy table runner making!

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