Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Peter Rabbit Birthday Party

I threw an adult birthday party at a different house with a Peter Rabbit theme.

Overall table spread. 

I incorporated the birthday girl's gifts into the table spread.

These fun stuffed carrots were also part of the birthday girl's gift.  The idea and pattern can be found on Spun Sugar Quilts website.
Peter Rabbit was in the middle of the stuffed carrots with a make-shift blue waist coat :).

I created a few green Caterpillar friends to hide around the center piece.

 The pattern for this fun Carrot Table Runner is found on Better Homes and Garden website.

I spray painted four Terra cotta pots white and tied blue gingham ribbon around the upper lip of each pot.  The foliage is comprised of fake green berry plants from the dollar store.

For the place settings I purchased an ornate green and white paper plate, created a bunny cup, and found a carrot silverware idea on Family Fun's website.

My lovely cup design.  I used construction paper for the ears and coat, google eyes, pink pom poms, and cut up a cheap paint brush for the whiskers.

Visit Family Fun if you want the pattern for this one.

Another one of my lovely designs.  I paid a talented wood worker to make these fun carrot fences that lined the base boards of the party room.  I painted each carrot with a variation of acrylic paints.  The birthday girl is planning on using these carrot fences as head boards in her "bunny" themed bedroom or is going to screw hooks onto them and use them as coat hanging racks.

The dessert was simple.  I had a more exciting one planned but had to change last minute.  These are tiny Terra cotta pots stuffed with baked brownies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and topped with crushed Oreo's and sour gummy worms.  I printed the signs off my computer and backed them on various scrapbook paper.  I inked the edges of the paper with black ink for added texture.

Happy Birthday!


julia Chumkovski said...

Oh My goodness I love this, I have been trying to come us with a theme that is meaning full for my baby boys first birthday, when I noticed him clutching his Peter Rabbit and thought I'd google it for some inspiration. I think this is a front runner. I just love the cutlery made to look like carrots + the papercup bunnies.

noahandlylasmommi said...

SO fabulous! Thanks for all the adorable ideas. Love all the carrots!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely ADORABLE!! Perfect for a baby shower I'm planning!!

Mikaela said...

Now it's clear what I would like to have for my son's first birthday party. A bunny theme party as he was born in the year of the rabbit. Thanks so much for this wonderful idea.
I love it!