Monday, December 20, 2010

Turn fake leaves into Butterflies!

Don't throw your fake unused flower leaves away!

I have made many crafts, like My Spray Painted Flower Headbands, where you only use the flower portion of a fake flower.  Here is a craft that turns fake leaves into butterflies!  These butterflies could easily be glued onto headbands, hair clips, or used as decoration.

1. Take apart your leaves by removing the plastic pieces.

2. Cut one of the leaves off leaving two remaining pieces.  If your leaves are already separated then skip to the next step.

3. Using a hot glue gun glue two sections together creating a butterfly shape.

4. Spray paint your butterfly without forgetting the back; set aside to dry.

5. String beads onto thin pipe cleaners.  The length of your pipe cleaner will be determined by the body length of your butterfly.  Leave extra pipe cleaner coming out the top for an antennae.  Bend the tail end upwards securing the beads in place and trim off.

6. Using the extra pipe cleaner piece cut off a section to use as a second antennae then curl both ends. 

7. Insert this extra piece into the top bead and glue in place from behind.  Glue this beaded butterfly body onto the front of your butterfly.

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