Saturday, December 4, 2010

Star Wars Birthday Party- Picture Instructions

Hello one and all!  My Other Half reminded me today that I never posted the Star Wars Birthday Party Instructions.  I apologize and here it is!

r2d2 Cup Instructions:
Turn your cup upside down.  Using a pencil gently draw a rough r2d2 sketch onto your cup.  It is difficult to erase with the waxy outer cup layer so try and avoid mistakes :). 

Trace over your pencil drawing with permanent markers.  Don't forget to draw images onto the top of your cup.

Side profile
Lightsaber Knife Instructions:
Tape a long strip of white paper onto your colored knife. 

Cut out a black square and rectangle a little wider than the white paper strip and tape them over the white paper strip as shown in the image above.  Using a marker draw detail work on the white portion of the lightsaber.

Ewok Hut Instructions:
Cut a toilet paper roll in half.  Then, cut a circular shape out of the bottom of the roll as shown above to act as a door; set aside.

Fan out brown twisty ties while keeping the center portion aligned as shown above.  Staple the middle of each fan 1-2 times or until secure.

Bend each stapled fan in the middle as shown above.

Overlay the fans and secure with hot glue creating an Ewok hut roof.  Glue this piece onto the top of your hut.

Star Wars Party Favor Instructions:
This party favor is comprised of 4 components.  I wrapped the party favor in black tulle.

Component #1: Vader Frisbee
I purchased cheap Frisbees at the dollar store.  Then, by creating a circle stencil out of card stock I was able to spray paint a white circle onto the center of each Frisbee.  Next, I laid the Vader stencil on top and spray painted black.  To secure this image spray your finished image with a clear acrylic coat.
This stencil was not my creation.  You can find it at:

Component #2: Glow in the dark stars

Copy and print the following verbiage:  (Attach it with a black ribbon)

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight.
Wish I may, wish I might
Become a Jedi, and do what’s right!

Star Wars Jedi in training- You may need a little help preparing to be a great Jedi warrior. 
Place these stars around your room and wish for extra strength, courage, and patience each night. 
Before long the force will be with you too!

Component #3: Jabba the Hut Pudding Cups
Turn over a butterscotch pudding cup and embellish it to resemble Jabba the Hut. 

Component #4: Chewbacca Candies
Purchase or make chocolate covered cinnamon bears and package them up.  Attach the following tag:

A bag of edible, not to mention, “Chewy”


Anonymous said...

wow youre so creative i love te r2d2 cup and the ligthsaber, they so funny and the jaba too!!

Aayla Secura said...

Congratulations! We are a Star Wars fan Club in Brazil and I love this little things!

May the force be with you!