Friday, December 3, 2010

Emergency Car Kit- Christmas gift idea

Here is a cheap gift idea that you can spend as little as $5 on!

Here is a list of items I put in my Emergency Car Kit.  There is space for additional items!  Extra cash can always be helpful as well as emergency ponchos, sleeping bags, or blankets...the list goes on!

Emergency Car Kit Contents:
First Aid Kit
First aid book
Car Safety Guide (fabulous guide for those who need extra help with car emergencies)
Box of matches
Pocket knife
Flashlight and 2 batteries
Disposable gloves
Hand sanitizer
Medicated Chapstick
Finger nail clippers
Small garbage bags

Yes, I used a baby wipe container to hold the goods because it is the perfect container for cars without trunks.  Who is going to break into your car for baby wipes?  I covered the base of the container with decorative contact paper. 

I printed the Car Safety Guide as well as Car Kit Content List on multi colored paper and placed it on top of the other items.

Click here if you would like the Car Safety Guide as a PDF, already to go!


Munchkin Momma said...

Just found this on Pinterest! Love the idea, I would add some sunblock, mini sewing kit and a couple buttons, fuses for the car, a sharpie and a sheet of white paper, a white bandana (in case you have to leave your vehicle so police know it broke down). A few feminine supplies and a pack of wet wipes, something for your breath and a spare charger for your cell phone preferably the kind that use a USB with a house & car end or an adapter

Creative Stirrings said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and don't forget to enter my Can of Dates Giveaway before Feb. 5, 2013!


Unknown said...


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Native News said...

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Denise said...

Sunblock has an expiration date. Just be sure to check your kit often for expired items!