Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Drift Wood Figurines

My Other Half and I collected drift wood on a family vacation and decided to turn it into a cheap Christmas gift for our children.  We used our skilled drawing abilities to paint figurines onto each piece of drift wood.  We will store these lovely creations with our children's blocks.  If your artistic abilities are not desirable purchase some cheap vinyl rub-ons from Hobby Nobby and rub them onto blocks.  We are in the process of doing this as well!  How can a set of blocks be complete without block people :).

We only collected 6 pieces.  So, we drew different figures onto each side of the drift wood totalling 12 characters.

Brief Instructions:
1. Use acrylic paint to paint a background color on each piece of drift wood so that the colors stand out; allow to dry.

2. Draw images onto the painted background using a pencil.  Then, using a combination of permanent markers and acrylic paints paint over your pencil lines.

3. When finished, spray from a good distance a clear layer of acrylic spray.  Be careful!  If you spray too much or too close the markers will bleed...I talk from experience :).  If it destroys your image you can paint over it and start again!

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