Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cinderella Party Favors

Princess Preparedness Pail
Party Favor
Here is the party favor I created for my Cinderella Birthday Party.  It was easy to make and approximately $4 per pail.  The paper on the outside of this pail says:

Princess Preparedness Pail
A “pretty” cleaning pail
Extra pumpkins
Spare glass slipper
Bird shaped cleaning supply
Extra pearls
Lip gloss for that special kiss

A little preparation will keep you sparkling! 

I typed this onto blue paper and backed it with decorative paper.  Then, I taped it onto a pretty pail which I found at Target for $1!

An up close look at my pretty pail!  I stuffed the top of each pail with pink tissue paper.

Extra pumpkins- Cinderella's fairy Godmother turned a pumpkin into a beautiful carriage which carried her to the ball.  If you do not have access to candied pumpkins you could make and decorate pumpkin shaped sugar cookies...assuming you have a pumpkin cookie cutter.

Spare Glass Slipper- This is obviously not glass.  However, it is very sparkly!  Cinderella must have been quite uncomfortable escaping with only one shoe.  Why not pack an extra and avoid uncomfortable feet.

Bird Shaped Cleaning Supply- to help you get your chores done in time for the ball.

Extra Pearls- who doesn't need extra jewelery?  Especially if you have greedy stepsisters :).  I spray painted white pearls strands blue to match Cinderella's pearls.

Lip Gloss For That Special Kiss- nobody wants to kiss chapped lips.  This sparkly lip gloss is sure to lure any Prince to your lips!

This idea could be adapted for any princess themed birthday party, just change the components.  Example- if you throw a themed party from Disney's Tangled, you could create a gift bag by covering a cracker box with silver paper (similar to the paper I used for the paper crown on top of my cupcake dessert).  Then, punch holes in the box so you can insert handles.  For the handles braid yellow yarn tying knots on the inside of the box.  I have not seen the movie yet so the rest is up to you.  Fill your party favor with fun items that relate to the movie. 

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