Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Decoration

This was created using two disposable cups, paper, tape, and glue.  Michael's Arts and Crafts came up with an idea like this one.  Mine is a cheap kid friendly version using different products :). 

Cut multiple strips of paper out of construction paper or festive scrapbooking paper.  You will need shorter strips for the top of your tree so that it appears to taper in.  Turn a cup upside down.  Then, gently fold a strip over without creasing and tape the raw edges together along the bottom rim of the cup.  Continue all around the cup until you have created the bottom layer.  Proceed by repeating these steps a few centimeters above the first row until the entire cup is filled with loops of paper.  Repeat on your second cup.  Place one finished cup on top of the other cup.  Using paper create a cone for the top of your tree.  Glue the cone to the top.  If you are feeling super adventurous you could spray paint your finished product entirely or partially.

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