Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cheap and Creative Gift Idea Using Your Kid's Brains

My kids are getting old enough to start giving gifts during holidays.  So, I came up with a basic idea and let their brains do the majority of the work!  It was quite entertaining and really fun!  They thanked me for the fun after we put the gift together. 

The idea consisted of finding a problem the people we were making a gift for had.  Then, solving their problem using mostly the kids brains.

The problem is a yard full of unwanted pests such as deer, moles, and rabbits.  For our gift I had the kids make a few things to place in a kit.  Then, I printed off an explanation of the gift:


Determined to exterminate your life of unwanted

T.O.P. Exterminator Ideas:

1. Place deer food (raisinetes) in a path leading them to a neighbor’s yard!

2. Fill your yard with rats and tigers.  Deer will flee when they spot these creatures.
3. Create a night guard and place it in the center of your yard to scare deer away.  This has been provided in your kit by our skilled team.

1. Insert paper snakes and raptors into your grass.  Our team was concerned that these animals would not stay in the yard.  After hours of testing we concluded that fake ones would do the trick!

2. If the paper inserts do not work then fill the Mole holes with rocks all day and night every day!

1. Throw carrot cake onto your roof.  The rabbits will jump up onto your roof to partake.  Our team could not reach a unified conclusion as to the outcome of this solution.  Conclusion #1- As long as you continue to periodically throw cake on the roof the rabbits will make the roof  their home instead of your yard!  Conclusion #2- After you have initially fed these critters they will fall off the roof and die as they search for more scrumptious cake.

Due to our valuable, not to mention unique, service we are quite busy.
However; we offer counsel and aid to help exterminate all your personal,
home, and work related issues.  Make an appointment today so we can start
cracking the next case! 

T.O.P. Exterminators

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