Monday, November 1, 2010

Star Wars Birthday Party

Ready for a super fun homemade Star Wars Birthday table?  I had a lot of fun creating these ideas.  Enjoy!
All of these ideas were designed and created by me unless otherwise noted.
I gathered my ideas from the Star Wars movies #4 and #5 (two of the classics).  As you can see the center of the table was divided into three scenes.  The far left is the sand scene where Luke's aunt and uncle lived.  The middle contains an army of Stormtroopers with Luke and Darth Vader battling it out on top.  On the right side of the table I created an Ewok city. 

I wish my apartment ceiling was a little taller for a better aerial photo...maybe after grad school :).
The table cloth was silver.

Here is a place setting.  I bought black paper plates and stuck yellow star stickers around the outer edge.  As for the middle of the plate, I printed off the Star Wars logo from the internet and then created a stencil.  Right before the guests arrived My Other Half piped on the logo with yellow mustard.  The napkin is folded into the Millennium Falcon.  The upside down cup is r2d2 and the knife on the left side is a lightsaber.

I found many Star Wars origami ship folds on line.  My Other Half drew the detail work on the napkin with a pen.  We tucked the spoon and fork inside the ship.

Here is my upside down r2d2 cup.  I looked at an image of r2d2 on-line and first scetched my drawing on with a pencil.  Then, I traced over the pencil lines with a permanent marker.  Click HERE for instructions. 

Here is the knife lightsaber.  Click HERE for instructions.

I created the sand scene by dusting bread crumbs on the table.

This is a bread replica of Luke's aunt and uncle's house.

The dark brown machine is the droid transporter.  We created it using Little Debbie® Carmel cookie bars, Mini Oreos®, and melted chocolate to attach the wheels and adhere the cookie bars.

One of my child's presents was a Star Wars Lego® set.  We set it up for added fun!

Our cupcakes were stormtroopers with Luke and Darth Vader on top fighting with candle lightsabers.

Stormtrooper Cupcakes.

Luke Cupcake- created by My Other Half

Darth Vader Cupcake created by me.  I am not an artist :).

My Ewok forest was created using small fake trees.  If you do not have these you could put evergreen branches into short vases.  I placed spanish moss at the base of this forest.  Gummy bears or Ewoks are interspersed (some were dipped in chocolate) in trees, up ladders, and on the forest floor.

The Ewok houses are created out of toilet paper rolls and twisty ties (Click HERE for instructions. ).  The ladder is made by gluing together bamboo sticks and toothpicks.

We created galaxy jello using fruit and sprinkles for the planets and stars.

Star Wars Party Favors!  I created a Darth Vader Frisbee as the base for the favor.  I placed glow in the dark star packages, Jabba the hut pudding, and Chewbacca cinnamon bears on top of each Frisbee.  I tied black tulle around the Frisbee to seal the goods off.  Click HERE for instructions. !

I created this with a cheap Frisbee, stencils, and spray paint.  I printed off a Darth Vader stencil on-line and My kind Other Half cut it out ( 

Glow in the dark stars packages.  Click HERE for instructions.

Jabba the hut pudding cups.  Click HERE for instructions.

Bags of Chewbacca chocolate covered cinnamon bears.  The paper reads: A bag of edible, not to mention, "Chewy" Chewbacca's! Click HERE for instructions.

May the force be with you, if you choose to re-create this fun :).
Click HERE for instructions. 


Amber said...

So cool, and detailed! I can only imagine the kids at the party. This is the kind of thing they will remember for life. : ) So imaginative.

Rachelle said...

Holy cow! This is the coolest Star Wars birthday party I have ever seen!

Unknown said...

Wow! This is fantastic!! What a great husband you have for drawing all of those cups :) I love the Jello, Darth Vader frisbee and Cupcakes! Looks like you put a lot of work into it!

Unknown said...

Wow!! Out of this world creative!!!:) Loved all of these ideas!

Alea said...

I would've loved this as a kid! Holy Cow! That would've taken forever to put together... Very fun and original!

Unknown said...

what great thought and energy you put into the party! very neat!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

Mighty Morgan said...

All the ideas are awesome....I bet all the kids completely loved it all! So super cool and creative!

Tara @ Tales of a Trophy Wife said...

Great Ideas! I featured this on my Star Wars Party Idea round-up. for sharing.

S.B. said...

Hi there, I love your ideas! I am planning a star-wars-party for my son this year and I found some nice things to add to his party! Thanks!!!

Heather - Chickabug said...

Great party! I love the little plastic "lightsaber". So cute! : )

Cindy deRosier said...

Absolutely fantastic!