Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Pumpkin Magnet- No Sewing Required

1. Cut a 3 1/2 inch circle of orange fabric.
2. Place a magnet off center on the fabric.

3. Place three small cotton balls or one large one on top of the magnet.

4. Gather in the sides of the fabric and tie closed.  If you have little girl elastics use those instead of string.

5. Tie a piece of brown tulle around the rubber band making sure that the tie is on the magnet side.  Do not trim the ends.  Then, tie a piece of green tulle around the brown ends.  Trim the green tulle to replicate leaves.  Trim the brown tulle ends off. 

*I hope you enjoy making this cheap and easy craft.  If you share it with others please give appropriate credit.  Thank you!  There are more magnets to come!

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Alea said...

I FINALLY blogged about the giveaways. :)

Thanks! You rock!

Oh, and thank you for posting the tutorials. I think these would be cute to give out with handouts in Relief Society or to friends or something.