Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Garbage Bag Witch Diva

Apron #1

I wanted to design a witch's apron for Halloween this year and came up with this cheap, easy, sew-free project!  Originally I was going to sew an apron.  However, due to time I decided to create one out of garbage bags.  If you are hosting a Halloween party this season and want to add to the festivities without incurring additional costs make these for each of your guests!  If you put your creative cap on you could come up with a myriad of variations!  I did create an adult version that I will feature soon!

Apron #2- This apron is super fast and easy!

1. Take a large garbage sack and lay it out on a hard surface (I used a 13 gallon bag).  Cut open the two long edges leaving the bottom of the sack connected. 
2.  Spread it open across your hard surface.  It should be double the length of your original bag.

3.  For Apron #1- follow the cuts I made above.  If you have a person to measure, measure from their shoulders to their knee caps.  This will allow you to estimate the total length; not including the straps.  The long pieces on the sides will act as ties.  The two pointy pieces in the center at the top will tie around the person's neck and will fasten as a halter top.

For Apron #2- Instead of creating ties you will only make two large neck straps.  This will look bulkier than the first apron, but as you noticed on my tiny model you can scrunch the bag so that it doesn't appear to be too bulky.

4.  Cut triangular shapes out of the bottom rim of your apron. 

Apron #1- use the extra bag piece to cut out short and/or long strips.  Then, find additional colored bags around your house and cut strips out of them too.  Finally, tie them around a piece of yarn or ribbon and scrunch them together to resemble a tutu.  This will be tied around your guests waist and complete your fun apron!

Apron #2- Cut triangular shapes out of two opposite sides of the extra piece of plastic.  Then, loosely lay this over a piece of yarn or ribbon and tie around your guests waist.  If you avoid placing the piece of yarn directly in the middle of the loose piece you will get a layered apron look.

This is what the back of Apron #1 should look like.  Apron #2 would not have the plastic ties around the waist just one yarn or ribbon tie.  The neck would be the same.

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