Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family Fun Witch's Adventure

Ready for a witchy family adventure?
Before you begin the fun, make a bubbling treat.  Instructions can be found below.

Dress in your witchy best and grab all the brooms in the house so that the witches can soar through the fall breeze. 

Bring a bucket or cauldron to collect items to create a witches brew (leaves, sticks, pine cones, flowers, frog legs, and dead animals would be perfect for this potion).  When your little witches have collected oodles of goods and their legs are tired, return to your lair.  When you arrive light some candles, turn on your best Halloween music and then throw the collected items into a cooking pot and add some water.  Allow everyone to take a turn stirring the potion.  Chant a few magical spells and then pour the liquid part of the potion into cups.  Return outdoors and pour your potion into the soil.  Tell your kids to keep their eyes out over the next year as magical things will occur in the very spot their potion was dumped (or what ever you want to make up using your own creative juices).

Come back inside for apple cider and Chocolate Cauldron Goodies!

Chocolate Cauldron Goodie Instructions:
1.  You will need round chocolate truffles (i.e. Lindor®), Mini Oreos®, white and chocolate icing, green food coloring, mini chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles (for spider legs), and orange sprinkles for fire.

2.  Disassemble an Oreo® and cut the top off of the truffle.  The truffle should stand up on its own.  If not, cut a small section off the bottom of the truffle as well.

3.  Frost the bottom of the Oreo (the side which may still have white icing) and then place it on top of the open truffle with the icing touching the truffle opening.

4.  Create green icing using food coloring and pipe the frosting onto the top of the Oreo®. 

5.  Place a mini chocolate chip, pointy side down, into the green frosting to make a spider body (I did not have mini chocolate chips and so I piped the body on with chocolate icing).  Place chocolate sprinkles around the chocolate chip to resemble spider legs.  Use a toothpick or pipe white icing onto the head of the spider for eyes.

6.  Embellish your cauldron with festive sprinkles or adhere orange sprinkles around the base of your cauldron to look like fire.  Adhere sprinkles with chocolate icing.

Don't forget to take a few pictures along the way and have a hoot!

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Holly said...

How cute is that!! I love it:)