Monday, October 25, 2010

Adult Witch's Trash Bag Apron

Need a quick sew-free witches costume this coming weekend? 
Check out my lovely idea...using trash bags!

1. Cut the bottom off of a large black garbage sack and cut along the sides leaving the bottom connected.

2. Open it up and trim the bottom in a zig-zag pattern.

3.  If you have an apron to use as a pattern lay it out along the bag.  Place the bottom of the apron against the zig-zag end.  Extend your straps and cut the extra section off (i.e.- I cut where the end of my tape measure lay).  Lay the extra piece aside as you will use it later.

4. Use your apron as a pattern to cut a halter top from the top of the garbage bag.  If you do not have an apron to use as a guide, then, measure your own body from your cleavage to your knee cap.  Then, proceed to cut a similar top.  The width of the apron torso should match the width of your torso.  The bottom of the apron can flare out.  You do not have to cut waist straps.  Refer to the diagram below. 

5. The waist straps will come from the extra pieces next to the halter top straps.

6.  Simply roll the waist straps down to resemble ties; set aside.

7.  Cut the extra garbage bag piece in half.

8.  Cut strips about 2 inches wide.

9.  Trim the edges with pointy angles.

10.  Tie the strips around a piece of ribbon to fasten around your waist.  I added purple and tan strips as well!  Have fun finding colorful garbage sacks to add pizzazz to your costume!

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Maegan said...

Cute and sew free and from something I already have around the house- love it!
Cute and yummy witchy treats too. You are ready for a party! I love the idea of brewing the kid's collection and dumping on the ground for a magical surprise in the spring.
Today we made a haunted house w/ graham crackers from our Halloween candy. Strawberry jelly and peanut butter were spread on the ground and house for the candies to stick to. Chocolate bars were gravestones, smarties were the houses' eye balls, laffy-taffys were lizards tongues and twisted trees, craisens and red skittles for gore, and peanuts for the pathway. We considered hot chocolate mix as a dark snow on top. The kids loved eating and decorating and I loved using up candy.