Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paper Flower Candle Holder

I created this fun candle holder entirely out of paper.  It is easy and has some really fun dimension.  *I would not light the candle as your candle holder would most likely go up in flames :).

1.  Trace a large circle with a smaller circle inside onto three separate pieces of paper as pictured above.  My largest circle was 9 inches in diameter on all three papers.  The inner circle was 3 1/2" for two paper flower layers and 5" for the third layer.

2.  Create petal shapes using the inner ring created by your circles as a guide.  Use a pencil so that if you make a mistake you can start over again.  Don't be too anal as no one will notice petal differences.

3.  This is the smaller center, it yielded fewer petals. 

4.  After you have cut the flower shapes out.  Bend every petal towards the center of each flower.

5.  Stack the flower layers together by placing the larger centers at the bottom of the stack. 
6.  You can adhere each layer together if desired.
7.  Find a candle to set in the middle.

*If you use a heavy card stock you could try and spray paint your finished project.  Where to use your candle holder: decorate your home, a table, or give as a gift (if you do not adhere the layers you could write notes in the inner circle of the underside of each layer).

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