Monday, September 13, 2010


Have you ever had a Family Week sponsored by your own little family?

If not, you should try it out. Start by establishing rules (total cost, location boundaries...). Allow each person to pick an activity that involves the whole family. Then, coordinate a day, during the week, with the activity that would make the most sense (i.e.- longer activities may work better over weekends). If your schedule does not allow for this many activities in one week then spread it out over a month.

Ideas could include:
Wake everyone up early for hot chocolate and a donut or bagel run
Go to the movies or a play
Go on a bike ride or for a walk
Color or paint (paint a mural in the garage or basement)
Play at a park
Establish secret signs, with fun meanings, that you can give each other when in public places
Go ice blocking
Eat out
Get a treat
Make everyone dinner
Fly kites
Pick a cheap creative family activity from my blog...there are now 29!
Make a craft
Cook something new or creative...I have oodles of recipes!
Come up with a family theme song or dance
Have a dance party and invite friends
Sleep in the and dad included :)
Have a talent show
Visit a new place
Have everyone dip their hands in paint and place their hand prints on a wall, in the garage, or basement (include a date and names).
Serve each other...everyone has to do one nice thing for each member of the family on their day (I think moms may be more prone to pick this one :))

Have a blast! Don't forget to take some pictures along the way! If you do not have a very big family then split up the nights between the number of people in your family. Don't forget to include the babies!

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