Monday, September 6, 2010

Family Dress-up Activity

Is your family in need of a confidence building exercise?  If so, put every ones (including parents) name on a piece of paper and place them in a bowl.  Then, allow each person to choose one name (not their own).  The name you select is the person you get to choose clothes for.  It may be helpful to establish rules before you begin like no cross-dressing or you can only select clothes from that persons wardrobe...  Allow each person time to get dressed up.  Then, get in the car and head on out for a night on the town.  Go get ice cream, visit the movies, go shopping, or whatever sounds like fun.  I am sure this will be an evening you and your children never forget!

Don't forget to take some pictures!  They may become classics.

*This could be used as a fun date night activity.  You will not need to draw names from a bowl if there are only two of you :).

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Unknown said...

This looks like fun, we're doing this next Monday night:) Great ideas, thanks!!