Monday, August 30, 2010

MyCreativeStirrings Birthday Stats

I am overwhelmed with the support that has been shown to me over the past year.  I was shocked when I looked at some stats the covered the last year of my blog.  I thought I would share.  Here they are as of Aug. 27th, 2010:

Over 180 ORIGINAL creative ideas
12,400 unique visitors
35,861 page views
over 21,000 visits
58 Facebook/Twitter fans
Visitors from 108 countries
Thanks for all the support!  It is definitely worth all the hard work! Oh, and thanks Google Analytics for all the stats (by the way it is free if you have a blog and would like to track your stats too)!

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Creative Stirrings said...

Does anyone know how to make your pictures match the titles of the, "You might like:" section under each post?