Friday, August 6, 2010

Easy Frame Makeover

In the mood for new frames but having trouble rounding up your pennies?  It is time for a Frame Makeover!

I have had this boring cheap black plastic frame for a few years and have almost thrown it out a number of times.  Luckily I didn't, because while looking at it one day a spark ignited in my brain.  Why not change the frame!  As for the transformation I decided to make fun decorative mats using household supplies.  

Gather the following: card stock folder, wrapping paper (you could use fabric, scrapbook paper*, ribbon...), ruler, scissors (or scrapbooking paper trimmer), pencil, and tape.  *If you choose to use scrapbook paper you will not need a folder. You could simply cut the paper as if it is the mat. Ink the inner edges of the scrapbook paper mat for added dimensions.

Cut a folder down so that the mat will fit into the frame.  Then, cut out a hole in the middle making sure that all sides are even.  Make sure that your finished hole is the size of the picture you wish to frame. 

Next, place a piece of wrapping paper under your home made mat and wrap up the mat using tape to secure the edges. 

Once the mat is wrapped draw a line in the center of the mat from one corner to the opposite as shown above.  Then, cut along the lines.

Trim the corners off and then fold the inner portions over and tape down as shown above.

This is what the back of your mat should look like.  You are almost done!

Here is the front of the mat.  You could stop here.  Or, you could make smaller mats for the center.  I chose to make one more mat so that my finished piece would fit a 5*7" picture.  I also wanted the paper that framed the actual picture to be less busy.  So, I cut out a white mat.

I inked the edges of the inner mat with a black pen to give it a finished look.

Finally, I placed my mats in my frame.

Voila!  Side note- if you are framing an expensive photo make sure and use acid/lignin free products only to avoid deterioration.  Scrapbooking products are generally safe. 

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