Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Create Your Own Adventure Date Idea

Are you in the mood for extreme adventure without much preparation?  If so, do not read the rest of this post upon completing this paragraph.  Simply print it off and read as you begin your dating adventure.  Items you may want to pack on your adventure: blanket, games, flashlight or lantern, sidewalk chalk or paper and a pencil, and a little bit of money.

1. Tell the driver to start driving in a new direction; one that you do not usually travel.   Start your timer.  When you have driven for 11 minutes stop the car.  If you are on the freeway do not stop until you have safely pulled off an exit.

2. Get out of the car and have each person come up with one fun thing to do regardless of your location.  Use your creative juices to foster fun new ideas.  Ideas could include: exploring a new store; if you are next to a stream, wade through it; if you are in a neighborhood go for a walk and look at yards and houses, or pick a few weeds for someone; turn up your music and dance; build something with items you find lying around; do something for each other; explore land...

3. When you have finished fulfilling both activities pick some grass or weeds and throw them up in the air.  Based on the direction they fall drive your car accordingly.  Drive for 7 1/2 minutes in the direction of the wind.  Stop your car!

4. Get out of your car.  You are about to practice your sneakiness!  Find a place to write a note.  If you are in a neighborhood choose a house, then write them a fun note on their sidewalk using, "We think you have a beautiful yard!  Have a great day."  If you are not brave enough to use chalk write it on a piece of paper and put it on their front porch or in their mail box and then RUN!  If you are not in a neighborhood you could write a store a kind note or just write each other a fun note. 

5. Get back in your car and drive to the closest restaurant for a treat!  If you only have gas stations or grocery stores those could work too!

6. Now, drive to the closest secluded public area and spread out your blanket upside down.  Play games anywhere from 9-47 minutes and not a minute over!  Make everyone choose a game to play and fit them all in the allotted time!  If you are feeling daring or did not bring a game, try a new one.  Have a contest to see who can jump the farthest, climb the farthest, throw..., play hide and go seek, or play charades (without keeping score).

7. When the time has expired inform your partner that you are going to have a race back to the car.  Clean up the blanket and games and...GO!

7. Get back in your car and drive home.  You are not allowed to go the same way, try a new direction :)!  Along the way make up stories about the area you explored and take turns telling them.

Have a delightful evening!

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Rachelle said...

Oooh ooh! I just read the first paragraph and I'm hooked! I couldn't help but sneak a peak at the first point, but I managed to gain self control after that. I want to do this the next time we get a babysitter!