Monday, July 19, 2010

Camping Trip Activity

Silly Secret Sock Fun

Print off these ideas before your camping trip. After you have set camp, swipe fellow camper’s socks and stuff them with these secret messages. Then hang the socks all around the tent (inside and/or outside). Have each camper choose 1-2 socks (not necessarily their own), depending on the amount of people. Some of the socks may involve the entire group and some are better for individuals. Tell each camper that they have to fulfill their mission before the end of the camping trip…or else!

*If you are camping with your own family you could prepare this before your journey begins by packing the entire families socks in advance and stuffing them.


Run around the tent 5 times while making wild animal movements and noises.

Find 20 pinecones and pile them next to the entrance of your tent in case you need ammo to protect your tent during your camping adventure.

Find sticks and rocks and make a path leading to your tent.

Switch your sleeping bag locations with your eyes closed. Sleep in the new arrangement until you get all your giggles out.

Come up with a secret password, that all must use when they desire to enter the tent.

Pick your mother or father some wild flowers from around your camp site. It there are no wild flowers, get creative!

Climb a tree

Build a shelter with your fellow campers using camping blankets, sheets, tarps, and string. You get to call the shots!

After everyone takes their shoes off for the night hide their shoes around the corner of the tent…tee hee! Watch out, they may get you back!

Plan a camping talent show! You are now in charge! Allow each person to choose an act without revealing the fun to others. Help this person develop their idea and or help them during their act. Find a stick to act as a microphone and conduct the fun! Ideas include but are not limited to: juggling pinecones, building a nature inspired art piece, make calls of the wild, sing a campfire song, perform an Indian dance, act out a skit, imitate all the animals found in the area you are camping…

Find a stream with your camping buddies and have fun exploring it!

When no one is looking write a message in the dirt (using a stick) for all to read. i.e. - you could write something spooky, silly, or nice.

Wake everyone up in the morning with rooster crows or by serenading them with the Star Spangled Banner (or your favorite song)

Take turns making up stories about your camp site (how it was created, who were the first inhabitants, events that took place in the area…)

Go on a hunt for walking sticks! For more fun, decorate them using string, flowers, leaves, feathers, and other items you find in nature.

Items you could stuff in socks:

Whistles on necklaces for all participants…to promote safety!

Candy for everyone!

Compass- Teach the finder of the compass how to use one and then ask them to teach all other campers.

Binoculars- you may need big socks for this one! Tell the finder of this treasure that they are responsible for sharing it with all.

Fruit leather packets or other snacks to share with everyone.

String or yarn for creative fun

A play map

Informative papers focusing on camping skills

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