Sunday, July 25, 2010

Camping- Dessert in a Can

Tired of the same old camp fire desserts?  If so, venture out by cooking your tasty treats in a tin can!  They are cheap and plentiful!

We kept it simple this time by making Puppy Chow with a twist.  First, we melted peanut butter and chocolate chips over the hot coals.  Then, we stirred in Chex Cereal and apples.  I then meant to sprinkle with powdered sugar but forgot it in our REAL kitchen.  Oops!  We still managed to gobble them up!

*Other variations could include:
1. Melt marshmallows, chocolate chips, caramel then stir in Chex Cereal, coconut, and cookie pieces of choice
2. Melt cinnamon baking chips (a Hershey's product) and stir in Chex Cereal, toasted pecans, and freshly chopped peaches


Michelle said...

The peach one sounds awesome! One question, it looks like one of the cans you used had a coating on the inside? Did it melt or get weird?

Creative Stirrings said...

Michelle- One of the cans was stained from its previous contents. It is possible that I could have scrubbed a little harder to remove the stains. However, I was up to my ears in trying to prepare for the camping trip :). The can should hold up just fine...and we are all still alive.

In regards to the idea involving peaches- I pulled it from my Cinna-Peach Pancakes. You should try those first...they are super. Not that I should brag about my own creation...but they are great :).

Creative Stirrings said...

Oh, and the white lining on one of the cans did not cause any problems, and according to the Girl Scouts the lining is not a problem when you heat it for cooking.