Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Papa Bag- Father's Day Gift Idea

Need a gift idea for the father or grandfather of your children?  I created this bag a few years ago for my dad and father in law.  I filled duffle bags with items that "Papa" could use when he wanted to bond with his grandchildren.  Each bag contained different items so that both grandpas' could create their own memories.  Items I included:

Box of magic tricks
Star gazing telescope
Bug catcher
Plastic tool set
Badminton set
Cheap fire crackers
Jump ropes
Squirt guns
Coloring books
Funky crayons and markers
Wood boat or car kits
Tea party set (all would smile watching Papa play tea party!)

The ideas are limitless!  The items should vary based on the age of the children.  Older kids may still enjoy this concept if there were items that appealed to them, such as games, unique treats, tickets to a play or concert...  Have fun!

*I was inspired while creating this idea from stories my mother would tell me about her grandfather as well as my own grandma.  My mother said that her grandfather often smelled of peppermint.  My own grandma would always send us away with a bag of marshmallows.  None of us really liked marshmallows :).  However, we loved the bags our grandmother gave us and now every time I see marshmallows I smile, and think of her.  Those memories are priceless and should be constantly created, not just remembered.  This bag was designed to help our male counter parts who can occasionally use extra help in reaching out to the little ones in their life :).  Happy Father's Day to all!

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Unknown said...

Great ideas, and I love the shirt tie:) So cute!