Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sea Shore Exploration

While babysitting a few weeks ago we learned about the Sea Shore!
To begin, I had each child find an object in my house that represented the sea shore.  I then allowed them to take a picture of their object (I zoomed in a bit when I edited the photos) to use for an activity later.

Then, we learned about sea shores.  Here is the book I taught out of.  You could always look up information on line if you do not have a book or check one out from the library.

Fun Activity- each child wrote another child a note (message in a bottle) and crammed it into a plastic bottle.  Everyone got to take home a "secret note" that they were instructed to keep sealed until bath time!  If we lived next to an actual shore I may have considered a bio-degradable option...but we don't.  So, the bath tub worked just fine!

We played our Sea Shore Bingo to end our fun filled sea adventure.  We used candy fish as the game pieces.  Our boards could have been a little bit bigger so as to accommodate the size of our fish.  It didn't seem to bother the hungry fisherman playing the game! 

To play this game without making multiple game boards you can copy off an extra game sheet and cut out each square.  Stick the pieces in a bowl and allow each child to pick one.  Once each player has put a fish on the appropriate square put the pieces back and have each child pick another piece.  Continue until a player has won.

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