Monday, May 10, 2010

Found MyCreativeStirrings on StumbleUpon?

From The Other Half,

Hello all, sorry to take up some of my other half's precious space here, but I noticed that we have been getting some hits from I was wondering if any of you that found my wife's blog through StumbleUpon could let us know what category our site is in. We are both really excited to be there and hope that you enjoy MyCreativeStirrings!


Lori said...

Hey, I stumbled upon your site, and love it!! Very cute ideas! I looked at the tags for your site, and you are listed under food/cooking... hope that helps.

Creative Stirrings said...

Thanks Lori!

Ryan and Michelle said...

I found your site from a facebook post and am definitely bookmarking it! You have fabulous ideas!