Friday, May 14, 2010

Cupcake or Ice Cream Cone Party Cups

I had a viewer ask for an idea a few days ago for homemade cupcake drinking cups.  My Other Half helped me come up with these. 

Instructions: Purchase small slurpee cups (with straws) from a gas station and cover them with paper.  (To cover with paper- use one of the cups as a pattern by taking it apart and tracing around the cup.)  Cut apart a foil muffin liner and glue it to your cup creating a fun design as pictured above; set aside.  Then, make a thick white icing, (dyed with food coloring, if desired) and frost the top of the slurpee cup.  Before the frosting dries gently press sprinkles into it. 

*If you want this to look more like an ice cream cone draw gridlines onto the paper that is wrapped around the cup.  Make sure you draw them at an angle. 

Here is another option that eliminates the messy fun on top.  I glued colorful dots onto the top of the lid. You could use real sprinkles if you are concerned about the age of your party guests.  As for the base, I folded a piece of aluminum foil to resemble a giant muffin tin liner and taped it to the cup.

You could always place your giant cupcake in a foil muffin tin liner.  This is the easiest option :).


Unknown said...

cute cupcakes :) and i wanted to let you know I featured your can of dates today!

Melanie said...

Thanks for all you do. I am passing along a 'virtual blogging' award. Collect it here: