Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sweet Pea Birthday Party!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea!

I decided to throw a "sweet pea" birthday party for my little girl.  This is what my crazy brain came up with!

Someday I may own a large table.  This lovely table spread is three tables combined to make one...notice the tiers :).

I used a pink bed sheet for the tablecloth.  To create the table runner I cut out black butcher paper (using a kitchen bowl to get perfect edges) and hole punched the border to get a frilly look.
The vases are made out of Hunts spaghetti sauce cans, scrapbooking paper, and dollar store weeds.

I had two place settings.  One was meant to resemble a pea pod.  I stapled three smaller plates together and then finished if off by attaching pipe cleaners to the ends to resemble tendrils.  The silverware is plastic and located inside each paper cup.

This was the second place setting.  I created it with just one plate and taped buttons on the edge to add pizazz.  I used regular silverware to tie in the blacks and silvers in my color theme.
The cups were made using ribbon, fake flowers*, buttons, and tape.  I scalloped the edges of each napkin, rolled them up and placed one in each cup.
*Party Favors:  I took each flower and turned them into hair clips.  I disassembled and re-assembled an ordinary rose to make this clip (look at my first headband post for more details). 

This is an apron I made which would be very appropriate for party favors as well!

As for my cake I decided to keep it whimsical and make a fun cupcake display. 
I used foil cupcake liners to keep the colors flowing on all levels of the table.  I drew a picture of a pea pod (based on the apron fabric) onto a piece of paper.  Then, I took a picture and spruced it up in photo shop.  You are welcome to use this diagram if you choose to throw a Sweet Pea Party!
Here are a few of the cupcakes I created for the display.
We sure do love our adorable little sweet pea!


Amber said...

Beautiful, lovely, and clever! You never cease to amaze. Love the theme. Love the table runner. Brilliant!

Jana and Brett said...

i can't believe she is one!!!!!! cute ideas. love em!

Ann said...

Love it! I think I may steal this for one of my girls birthdays :)

Lana said...

I love it! That is what I call my daughter. Too bad we just had her birthday party last week. Oh, well. Maybe next year!.... :)

Melissa said...

So cute! Great job. I love the cup/party favor with the flower as a hair clip.