Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Science Geek Squad

One of our little people chose to learn about Scientists while babysitting one day.  This is what I came up with: 

We had to dress the part!  I did not have huge quantities of eye goggles and lab coats laying around so we made do with what I did have.  I put masking tape around the middle of sun glasses.  So, technically these acted as protective glasses as well as added to the Geek effect!  I can poke a little fun considering that my other half and I are both scientists :).  As for the lab coats we gathered all the white collared shirts we had around the house and had each child wear one.  I even dressed the part...however; you will not find a picture of me in this post :).  To top it off we put on our oversized plastic gloves to avoid cross contamination!

As for our activities I decided that we should do what some scientists do...laboratory experiments.  We picked a few kid friendly experiments, gave each kid an official lab notebook, and a pencil, and got to work. 

To end our adventure on a sugary note we partook of an edible microscope made out of chocolate cereal, marshmallows, fudge covered graham crackers, white icing with red food coloring (the specimen we are viewing under the microscope lens), and Twix® candy bars.  I am sure this microscope could have looked much better.  However, my husband and I created it around midnight the night before.  We were actually quite proud until the next morning when our children squealed with excitement at the cute puppy we had molded out of food.  The kids I babysit re-confirmed that it looked more like a puppy than a microscope.  Oops! 


Jana and Brett said...

I love it! Cute little scientists. haha I have to tell you...there is someone you know and I know VERY well who had to tape his glasses when he was little...haha I'll have to show you pictures.

Melissa said...

Awesome! Loved it.

Unknown said...

wow, I'm impressed with that microscope, definitely looks like a microscope from the picture, closest thing I've ever seen to an edible microscope:) Cute idea!