Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Idea- Car Kit for Women

How many women do you know that remember exactly how to change a flat tire or jump start a vehicle? Not me!  I have been informed numerous times and always seem to forget the "super important" minor details. So...I created a little gift you could give to those who may need an extra reminder, which will remain in their vehicle.
This gift is simply a plastic container filled with a first aid kit and additional items appropriate for emergencies.  The sides of the car are notes to "mommy" made out of patterned cardstock.  The wheels are Ding Dongs® with permanent marker drawings.  The head lights are hard butterscotch candies.

To make an emergency car kit:
1. Cut out a strip of cardstock that will cover the top of your container and wrap around the bottom.  Then, tape in place. 
2. Place a few loops of tape (sticky side out) on each lip of the container as shown above.
3. Draw and cut out two car shapes that are as long as the container. If you have problems drawing free-hand you could find a picture on-line and enlarge it on a copy machine.

4. Write notes to the gift recipient on the inside of each paper car and embellish the outside of your cars with windows, doors...
5. Attach your paper cars to the tape on both sides of the container.
6. Draw wheel images on the Ding Dongs® and tape* to the car (packing tape works better than regular tape for the wheels). *Option- Do not tape the wheels on. Wait until right before you present your gift and simply set the gift on a table then rest each tire against the car.

7. Create a guide- This booklet should ideally stay inside the car to act as a guide when emergencies occur.  If you would like a copy of my guide CLICK HERE for a PDF.  My guide included information on:
Jump Starting A Dead Car Battery:
A Few Basic Car Maintenance Tips:
Another Resource:
Emergency Phone Numbers: Even though most people own cell phones, it never hurts to keep an extra list with important information in case you lose your cell phone or are incapacitated.

8. Place your guide on top or inside your kit. 
9. Tape two hard butterscotch candies onto the front of your vehicle to represent headlights. 

Voila!  You have completed your kit!  I hope the person you give this to will be thrilled and a little more prepared for the unexpected!  Happy Mothers Day!

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Carrie Allen said...

Did you seriously just make this up?? You are amazing!!