Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little Girls Crocheted Winter Headband

A special thanks to my neighbors mini model!  She was fabulous!  While editing the photos I realized that the headband was on upside down.  Oops!  The narrow portion was supposed to be behind her head and the wider section in front.  Oh well!

To make this headband follow the same instructions I gave for the adult version.  To adjust the dimensions for a child's head (~5T) use the following guide.  I made this headband for her to use next year as the wintry season is coming to an end...hopefully!

Use the following as a guide while referring to my previous post:
15 skinny rows (with 5 stitches in each row)
2 in-between rows of 6 stitches
19 wide rows (with 7 stitches in each row)

To make the scalloped edge I used the rose pattern posted on the adult headband post.  Omit the first row of chains as you already have a base to work with.  As far as the crocheted flowers, you can google flower patterns and find these basic patterns everywhere!  I made the fabric button.  You can find more information on that in my first spray painted flower headband post. 

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aunti said...

Your daughter looks so cute in this head band! This color is her color! Pretty!