Thursday, April 15, 2010

Homemade Pre-School Graduation Gift

What kid doesn't want a trophy?  Even better what parent doesn't want a trophy that has multiple uses?  I created this for my children's pre-school graduation party using school supplies. 

As for the base I wrapped up a tape dispenser.  My kids LOVE tape!  To make the top part of this lovely gift I took three pencils (there are cooler pencils out there!) and wrapped them with a rubber band.  Then, I placed 8 crayons around the pencils and wrapped those with a rubber band.  The star is a sticky note pad that I wrote each child's names on.  To mount the sticky note pad I opened each one up in the middle and laid it on top of the pencils.  You may want to tape it to the inside of the note pad for added security.  To connect the base (tape dispenser) to the top portion you can use super strong tape or insert a wire through the pencil section and then down and around the tape dispenser.

Good luck!


Jana and Brett said...

OOO! They turned out so cute! Good job lady! :0)

Melissa said...

Very cute and very non-intimidating for the artistically challenged, like me.

Emily Petty said...

cool idea and nice not to collect another piece of memorabilia that will shortly become clutter