Friday, April 30, 2010

Homemade Paper Bows

The other day I needed a black bow and wasn't willing to run to the store.  So...I decided to create one.  I started by searching for ideas on-line and, due to time, wasn't able to read any.  Instead I created my own.  Variations of paper would make these flowers more exciting!  I used black left-over butcher paper.

Start by cutting 10- 3/4" wide paper strips.  The longer the strips the larger your flower will turn out.  Then, tape the end of each strip together.

Pinch 5 circle's in the middle with the taped side facing down.  (You will be making two separate bow pieces and then stapling them together.)

Then, arrange 5 of the pinched circles to resemble the diagram above; continuing to pinch the center.

Staple the center of the bow and repeat steps with the 5 remaining circles.

Place the bows on top of each other and staple.  Adhere a button or design of choice in the center of your bow.  Have fun with all the paper designs they have on the market!

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Amber said...

BRILLIANT. Thanks for sharing.