Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Womens Crocheted Winter Headband Pattern

This winter I have seen a lot of amazing headbands.  Anyone who knows me knows that I love headbands and wear them every day that my hair is not pulled back.  So...I decided to try and come up with some basic patterns for public use.  Feel free to alter the pattern to fit your style!

1. Measure the head of the individual you wish to make a headband for.  Or estimate if you are giving it away as a gift.
2. Subtract two inches from your finished measurement and this should be the length of your finished headband.  Yarn stretches and so the two inches will allow for that stretching.  *Double check your work before you finish sewing by holding it around another's head (applies to children or adult heads).

PATTERN FOR ADULT: (I will use some acronyms but not as many as most patterns for those who need more help)
I used a 5.00MM hook
1. Chain (Ch) 8 and turn
2. skip the first Ch then do 7 (1/2 double crochets (dc))
3. [Ch 1 and turn.  Do 7 (1/2 dc without skipping)]- repeat until you have 18 rows with 7 stitches in each row.

4. Ch 1 and turn.  Go into the hole made from the chain as pictured above doing 1 dc.  Continue 1/2 dc until you have done 8 in this row. 
5. Ch 1 and turn.  Go into the hole made from the Ch as pictured above doing 1 dc.  Continue 1/2 dc until you have done 9 in this row.
6. Repeat steps 4. and 5. until you reach your desired width.  I think my width is too big (I did a total of 13 stitches in my widest row).  If you decrease the width you will need to make up for the decrease in quantities of rows.  Create a total of 19 rows 13 stitches wide. 
7. Ch 1 and turn.  Do 12 (1/2 dc) *At this point you are decreasing the width back to a row of 7 stitches.  If you did not have rows of 13 then replace "12" with one less than your widest row.
8. Ch 1 and turn.  Do 11 (1/2 dc).  *Continue to decrease your rows until you have a row of 7 stitches.
9. Measure up to the wearers head.  If you are satisfied do a Slip Stitch (ss) and tie off.

(This is what your finished piece should look like before you connect it.)
10. Bring both ends together and using a needle sew together.  Voila...you are done.  *If you wish to have a scalloped edge make a narrower band then add a scalloped edge at this point.

ROSE FLOWER PATTERN: (This is not my creation.)
Ch 46
First Row: sc (single crochet) in 2nd hole then the rest.  Ch 1 and turn.
Second Row: sc in 1st hole.  Skip 1 stitch.  In the next stitch do *[1 dc (double crochet), Ch 1, 1 dc, Ch 1, 1 dc, Ch 1, 1 dc].  Skip the next stitch and anchor down with a ss (slip stitch).  Skip 1 stitch and repeat * until you have completed the row.  End with a ss.
Roll the scalloped edge up and manipulate so it resembles a rose.
Flip over and using a needle and yarn secure the base so it will not come unraveled.  Trim the extra yarn.  Good job!

Stay tuned for a child version with scalloped edges. 


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Anonymous said...

Do you have a hook size? Am I missing that somewhere?

Creative Stirrings said...

Yes, sorry, I forgot to add it, but have now corrected the error. I used a 5.00MM hook. Have fun making yours!

Luisa Cruz said...

Thank you so much for this! It will be perfect for winter!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

MissDaisy said...

I made a little different. With a hole and a button. Both narrow ends at the same size and in the middle the wide part, with the two flowers. Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Hugs.

Rachel Donnelly said...

Thanks for the great pattern.