Friday, March 5, 2010

EASY Homemade Diaper Changing Pads- using a tablecloth

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For years I have tried to find large diaper changing pads with no luck!  I finally used my brain and decided to make my own.  You can use a myriad of materials.  I think materials that are easy to wipe clean are best for on-the-go lifestyles.  Therefore, I chose to use a pre-made tablecloth.  I bought this one at Ross Dress for Less for $3 which made a total of 4 changing pads. 

1. Fold the tablecloth in half lengthwise. **
2. Cut into 4 equal segments depending on your desired pad size.  (I kept the two end pads for myself as they each had a rounded edge and gave the two inside pads away as gifts). 

3. Fold each pad inside out so that the pattern sides are facing each other.
4. Sew 1/4 inch seam allowance around all but one side.
5. Turn right side out.
6. Fold the raw edges of the exposed side in at least 1/2 inch.

7. Sew 1/4 inch line across the last side and Viola!  You are finished!

You can tie a fun ribbon around the diaper pads you are going to give away as gifts. 

**Each of my diaper pads ended up being 24 1/2" * 16 1/2".  The original table cloth was a 52"*70" oblong tablecloth.  You may need to measure different depending on your original tablecloth size and desired pad size.

Here are some additional patterns that I have for sell on my Etsy shop at


Melissa said...

Love it! Great idea.

Amber said...

Great! Love the idea and this is way cuter than the black ones they sell at the store!
Is this a thick plastic table cloth? You mentioned you can wipe it clean. I'll have to go to Ross.

Julie said...

I made these when my kids were babies and they were great. I added a thin layer of batting for a little more cushion and sewed two lines at the 1/3 marks to make folding easier. The great thing about these is that you can make them so that they will cover the entire changing tables in public bathrooms.

You can also get oilcloth at fabric stores or online for more options.

Nice tutorial.

Melinda said...

Great idea! I made one recently and backed it with vinyl...same effect, MUCH more work (at least from the looks of it). Wish I would have thought of something like this!

Helen said...

What a great idea !! MY daughter is expecting her first child in July. I am going to make her some of these Thanks

susan said...

wow - great idea! I wish I knew this when I still had little ones in diapers!

Michelle H said...

I'm trying to make all handmade gifts this year and this idea will be perfect for baby showers!

Kelly @Indiana Inker said...

I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing. I'll be sharing this link on my blog!

I was looking for a "subscribe by email" button, but didn't see one. Did you know that Blogger has a gadget for that now? If you decdie to add it, would you please email me at

Thanks! :)

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Evans Family said...

Just made one of these with some leftover vinyl from a tablecloth I made (you can buy vinyl by the yard at walmart). I remembered you posting about this and thought I'd try it out. Thanks for the idea!

Kelly @Indiana Inker said...

I made a couple of these, but also made some 1/4 the size to use as a diaper changing pad. When my kids were babies, we had them that were made out of stiff flannel that just fit under their bottoms to protect the furniture, car seat, etc depending on where you were changing them.

I also plan on making some bibs with this idea.

Anonymous said...

Or you can use the pads used for beds. I made 6 diaper sized pads out of a twin sized one. I put a decorative piece of baby fabric across one end and put the same piece across one end of a cloth diaper for a burp cloth. I machine embroider stuff (baby's name) on a bib and the pad and burpcloth and call them a set for a diaper bag.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! And easy. I had this sitting on my Pinterest board for a while before getting around to it (long line of stuff to sew for new baby) - FYI Target has $1 table cloths. Patterns are somewhat limited, but they're in with the summer seasonal dollar spot stuff.

Creative Stirrings said...

Thanks! I will have to check Target out!