Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Date Ideas

To plan for Easter this year I thought I would surprise my spouse with an Easter date. These ideas could also be used in a group date setting as well.

Dinner: I used the fun table setting previously posted to start the date night. After a delicious dinner we played Easter games. If you do not want to re-create my table setting you could just add a few Easter decorations to your table to spruce up the night. Or have fun making Easter treats together like cupcakes, cookies, candies...

Easter Game Ideas:
1. Tic-tac-toe. Take 9 cookies of any shape or size and lay them on a plate as indicated above. Have each player select 5 pieces of candy (smaller than the cookies) all the same color but different from his/her opponent. Ready, set, GO! Don't forget to eat the game pieces!

2. Tower of peeps. Purchase a few packages of Peeps (sugar covered marshmallows shaped like bunnies, chicks...) or marshmallows if you can't stomach Peeps (Peeps make great cupcake toppers). Before you begin have each player guess how many peeps they can stack on top of each other without using additional props. Then begin. Whoever stacks the highest quantity wins the game. You could get rid of them by playing the chubby bunny game. See who can shove the most Peeps in their mouth while still being able to say "chubby bunny". We passed on this game! We had nothing to prove!

3. Have each person come up with 10 ways they could use Peep marshmallows. Or ten ways they have used Peeps.

4. See who can throw the most bunny tails (cotton balls) into a basket, jar, can, or on top of your opponents head while sitting across the room.

5. If you have children spend 10 minutes coming up with what you want to give them for Easter. I have two cheap but creative ideas posting soon!!

6. Easter Pictionary. Copy the following 2 lists without peaking. Divide into two teams and give each team one of the lists covered with a blank piece of paper as well as a piece of paper and a pencil for drawing. Have each player take turns guessing what their team mates are trying to draw while blind folded. If there are only two of you go back and forth to see who takes the least amount of time guessing what the other is drawing.


peter rabbit
cotton tail
green grass
Easter candy
bird eggs
fish and honey


baby chick
Easter baskets
Easter bunny
blooming trees

Have a wonderful evening bringing in this fabulous holiday!


Pamela said...

Fun, love the ideas!

Happy Home Fairy said...

This is my FAVORITE post!!! I was just doing research for Date Your Mate Magic at Easter. I can't even tell you how perfect these ideas are! Thank you for sharing your BRILLIANCE!