Monday, March 8, 2010

Cheap Homemade Storage Bins

I have been on an organizing kick lately and decided to take all of our laundry detergent containers and re-use them.  My mother did this when I was a child so this is not an original idea.  I decided to share this idea regardless.  I found contact paper at my local grocery store and covered the base of each detergent container.  I put two layers of contact paper around the base to better hide the printed detergent logos. 

I use these containers to store children's toys.  They have many uses!  You could also use them to store books, package fun gifts (cleaning kits for newlyweds), or file important documents.  Contact paper is extremely easy to use and very forgiving!
Have fun organizing in style!



Amber said...

Great idea. I'll have to start buying powdered laundry detergent just for the bins! Love.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force said...

That's a great idea there. I always find that it is much cheaper and a lot more fun to make homemade toys rather than to spend a lot of money at the store. You can be much more creative and really make the toys more fun at home.

HardestyMom01 said...

Beautiful contact paper. Love your idea of reusing. My family and I have been reusing a lot lately. I would like to thank you for your idea. I went to our local grocery store to ask for their icing buckets and we are using them to store flour, sugar, rice, beans and pasta. I do not like the way the buckets look so you have inspired me. I could not find pretty contact paper, but I did find some beautiful wallpaper (new) at my local thrift store for $0.50. Thanks again!