Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheap Easter Gift- Bunny Survival Kits

While trying to come up with unique Easter ideas I decided we needed re-vamping on the traditional Easter gift giving!  The traditional gifts include: candy, stuffed animals, dress clothes, and more candy.  While trying to think outside my little box I came up with this idea; "Bunny Survival Kits".

Each kit included this paper which reads:

Escaping Mr. McGregor’s garden can be a challenge. Here are a few items which will help you on your journey! Good luck!

Survival Kit Contents:
Snack (carrots…not from Mr. McGregor’s garden)
Hole in a hurry helper (shovel)
Map leading to your destination (coloring page plus crayons)
Ear warmers in case you’re stuck over night (socks)
Bunny teeth cleaners (toothbrush and paste)
Extra bunny tails…just in case! (marshmallows)

This is a picture of items contained in the survival kit. 

I packaged this kit in a white pail lined with blue gingham fabric.

Another option- you could wrap each kit so that it looks less busy.

Happy Easter and good luck little Peter Rabbits...Mr. McGregor means business this season!


Amber said...

Really cute!

Renée said...

Thanks for a hip and hop-oning idea!

D.Jones said...

Thanks, I'll have to try this one!

Anonymous said...

This will be perfect for our daughters, who are now both living somewhere else!!
What a blessing you are~