Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine Couple Craft

This is a fun Valentine's craft I made with my sweetheart last year.  I did not tell him what we were doing beforehand.  I simply asked him to come up with a list of 15 words that described me.  I also came up with a list of 15 words that described him.  Before the date I drilled holes into the top of each heart ($.25/heart at a craft store) and painted them white and the edges black.  On the date we cut out the words and Mod Podged them onto the heart.  My spouse decided that this craft wasn't too girly...and therefore tolerable!  We both had fun.  I think I had more fun laughing at the words he came up with for me then actually doing the craft. 

*Idea- you could easily replace the hearts with a frame.  Try dividing the frame into thirds.  The top section could be words describing you, the middle could be words describing both of you, or your relationship, and the bottom third could be words that describe your spouse.  Divide each section with a fun ribbon.  Have a blast!

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Rachelle said...

I am definitely in need of some Valentines stay-at-home date ideas. Thanks!